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The Green Vacuum


No more draining problems

 Automated drain cleaning system that could help eliminate costly repairs, potential health risks and unnecessary electrical expenses is now met by the eco-friendly, cost-friendly, hands free and easy to install the Green Vacuum.


The Green Vacuum will by itself keep your AC drain line clean of any debris so that the water can flow freely. Drain blockage will stop your AC from working and in some cases can cause considerable water damage to surrounding areas. 

Say Goodbye to expensive repairs and Hello to a clean high performing HVAC.

The Problem

Why is your energy bill increasing?

The air conditioner is the number 1 consumer of energy in the home, going over the fridge, washing machines and everything else. You might believe that age is the problem with your unit, but if experience has taught us anything it is that the major contributing factor to  a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases, is lack of maintenance. 


The Effects

What happens when my AC unit doesn't receive regular maintenance?

As the air in your home is circulated throughout your AC system it leaves behind small amounts of dirt and dust. Over time this small amounts of dust become bigger piles and are trapped in your duct work, coils and filters. This congestion not only leads to decrease air flow but also frozen coil and clogged drain lines. Both of which can stop your unit from working and the fix can cost from $80 to $190 to fix. Not only that but bad air quality can have many negative effects on your health. 


The Solution

How can I Save Money and safe keep my Health?

A yearly professional maintenance is key to maintaining your unit working in top condition and to have a clean air conditioning system. A professional knows what parts get the worse and what products work the best. It is like your yearly doctor checkup, a preventive yearly check up can drastically decrease the odds of malfunction and breakage. We created the AC Care Plans, so you don't have to worry about your AC unit, you just have to let us take care of it so you can live a stress free life. 


Care Plans

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